Steve Keating and his staff were thoughtful and involved, and their attention to learning about our school and our mission and then infusing the viewbook with our personal charism insured they produced unique material for us.

Brother James Beamesderfer, SAC Headmaster

Bishop Eustace Preparatory School

Leveraging Mission and Strengths to Increase Impact

Bishop Eustace is a co-educational, Catholic high school run by the Pallottine Fathers. With a campus culture that resembles a small college more than a typical high school, Eustace promotes a sense self-discipline, integrity, cooperation, and responsibility. The result is a close, collaborative environment where students are encouraged to become ethical, moral, and productive servant leaders.


  • Admissions Viewbook
  • Open House Poster
  • Campus Photography

Why They Came to Us

Bishop Eustace, a vibrant, mission-centered Catholic high school, reached out to us to discuss strategies to strengthen their image and positioning in their very competitive private school market.  They needed help in translating what they believed to be distinctive institutional strengths and values into a more compelling story that would arrest attention and engage prospective students.


Our Approach

Our first visit confirmed what we had been told.  Eustace was a wonderfully impressive school that stood out for many reasons.  After conducting extensive interviews and focus groups with stakeholders across the school community, we knew even more deeply the unique positioning niche that Eustace could occupy.  With a beautiful, riverside campus that more closely resembles that of a small, liberal arts campus, Eustace had created a learning and student life culture unlike that of many traditional Catholic high schools.  Here, students are given some of the freedoms not usually experienced until college.  But within the school’s vibrant Catholic (Pallottine Fathers and Brothers) ethos, students understand these freedoms not as a license to do whatever they wish, but rather, the opportunity to make smart, responsible decisions about how they use their time during and outside of class -- to become self-directed learners and leaders. The result is an uncommonly mature, purpose-driven, and joyful student culture.  And with an extraordinary record of success in graduating students onto many of the best colleges in the country (including service academies), Eustace is doing many things exceptionally well.


In close collaboration with the school’s marketing and admissions professionals, we began the work of creating a new admissions viewbook that would dramatically convey this rich, distinctive school experience.  We crafted new content and photography to capture the striking environment and dynamic energy of the campus.  A new tagline was created, “Expect More” – a perfect expression of Eustace’s own mission and vision for itself and its students, as well as confident statement to prospective students and families of the higher value they will discover here.  The result was a bold, arresting admissions viewbook that was embraced by the school and its admissions audiences, introducing a new identity that was quickly extended to other supporting admissions and advancement communications.