Catholic Academy of Bridgeport


The Catholic Academy of Bridgeport is a diocesan school community comprising four campuses: St. Andrew (PreK-8), St. Ann (PreK-8), St. Raphael (PreK-3) and St. Augustine (Grade 4-8). Serving nearly 1,000 preschool through middle school students throughout the city of Bridgeport, the Catholic Academy schools provide a Christ-centered, academically rigorous learning environment where cultural diversity is welcomed, Catholic values taught and all faiths celebrated. 


  • Identity/brand audit
  • Communications strategy
  • Graphic identity
  • Signage and environmental graphics
  • Website content and design management
  • Overall brand management
  • Advertising (print, online, social media)
  • Social media strategies
  • Admissions collateral
  • Open house strategies & promotional materials
  • Admissions video
  • Photography
  • Annual Report design
  • Annual Fund communications


The Diocese of Bridgeport was in the process of restructuring six individual schools into a new model, with four-schools unified under a single branded academy, to facilitate a more unified  and vibrant presence and to better support the growth of Catholic education within the community. The diocese approached us for assistance with the merging of the separate, individually branded schools into a single brand under the new Catholic Academy of Bridgeport.



Our first task was to undertake a thorough identity and brand audit. The primary challenge here lay in the different geographic points and wide range of demographic areas served by the school. Through a careful examination of each individual school and their unique characteristics, we identified the areas where each school aligned with the goals and vision for the new academy model. From this process, the overall brand platform and messaging for the Catholic Academy was developed and translated into unified messaging and a new graphic identity designed to represent the school’s vibrant Catholic education offerings and to bring its campuses more fully into a highly visible position throughout the entire Bridgeport area.


With a strong new brand in place, we worked closely with the Catholic Academy’s board leadership to roll out the new brand to the four campuses and to ensure that each aligned with the new standards. We then spearheaded the development of an annual enrollment management and marketing plan to further advance plans for growth and visibility and to help the campuses connect with their individual markets. With the execution of the plan well underway, we are actively helping the campuses to engage with their audiences through website content and design management, social media strategies, signage and environmental graphics, advertising outlets, multi-media and print materials, and overall brand management.