As Vice President for Mission at Holy Family University, I still see the fruits of the collaborative and transformative projects that Steve Keating facilitated for us during my years as Vice President for Institutional Advancement. You won’t find anyone better at conceptualization, more experienced at crafting the message and delivering it. And, you won’t have to add “sizzle” because the light of truth and authenticity will already be there.

Margaret Kelly Vice President for Mission

Holy Family University

Refining and Refreshing a Brand to Reach New Audiences

A private, comprehensive, four-year university providing undergraduate and graduate degree programs to students in the Philadelphia area.


  • Brand Assessment and Research
  • Institutional Brand Development and Launch
  • Videos
  • Campus Photography
  • Campus Visit and Open House Design
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Identity Program
  • Admissions and Marketing Collateral
  • Student Search and PURL Campaign


Why They Came to Us

Founded in 1954, Holy Family has represented for so many students access to an affordable, high quality, Catholic, university education.  Located in Northeast Philadelphia and with three area campuses, Holy Family has provided rich opportunities for traditional undergraduate, graduate, and adult professional students, while competing against with the many private and public institutions of higher learning in that greater Philadelphia region. Holy Family sought our help to create and drive a more robust admissions communications program that more effectively conveyed their breadth of learning experiences and reached audiences with a more compelling brand message.


Our Approach

We do our best work when we serve as a brand catalyst for an institution, galvanizing them around a fresh understanding of their value and helping that school develop and promote a new identity brand.  As we began our initial work shaping a new program of admissions publications, personalized direct mail campaigns, open house programming, and advertising, we realized the need for a stronger, more compelling institutional brand that captured both the University’s defining character and strengths and the motivating priorities of its key admissions audiences, at all levels.  Prompted as well with several new strategic initiatives unfolding at Holy Family, we advised the University to launch a comprehensive re-branding program.


Working closely with the University’s leadership cabinet and Trustees, we (Keating and Prescience Associates) conducted a comprehensive internal and external assessment of Holy Family’s brand, work that culminated in a new institutional positioning and identity platform.  This new, revitalized brand, fully capturing the University’s mission and its bold vision moving forward, captured its promise of high-impact, value-centered learning.  The brand was gradually integrated across all major internal and external communications, driving our work producing new video, marketing collateral, and institutional advertising.