Transylvania University

Deepening Student Connections through an Admissions Microsite

A private liberal arts university, Transylvania was the first university to be founded in Kentucky and is among the oldest institutions of higher learning in the United States.


  • Brand Assessment
  • Admissions Microsite


Why They Came to Us

This is an incredible small university with bright students and a rich heritage as the 16th oldest college in the United States. They came to us because, like so many schools, they were interested in finding a way to animate their brand and identity and make it more attractive and relevant to best-fit students -- that is, students In addition, that wasn't being communicated adequately to a wide audience of prospective students and their families, and the institution was having trouble competing for students with the University of Kentucky, a flagship university nearby.


Our Approach

The university contiues to try to reach a broader range of students outside their traditional geographic market. Rather than redevelop all of their printed admissions materials, we advised Transylvania to do something completely different, by engaging students beyond the Kentucky state limits online.  We began creating admissions momentum with a microsite that offers a fresh look at the University for students from anywhere in the world with a single click of the mouse, inspiring prospective students to discover the university and sign up for campus visits. The microsite solution provided a vibrant tool to engage and capture student interest in a way that went beyond the traditional style of their other admissions materials. The microsite also provides a platform for delivering fresh graphical content to sustain student interest.