Brand Strategy & Development

We bring out your brand from within.

At the heart of our approach is our understanding and harnessing of the mission, values, competencies, and vision of your school.


We gain knowledge to define and revitalize your institutional brand, and we leverage that brand to reach and engage your key markets, both inside and outside your school.  Our attention to integrating brand strategy with a school’s business, positioning, and operating strategies ensures that the institution moves forward strategically and in balance as a whole enterprise.  The result: a strengthening of the value and impact of your most valued intangible asset – your brand. 



Successful brands are expressions of relevant value and meaningful impact, centering around and reinforcing an institution’s mission and competitive strategy. That’s why our work starts with a clear understanding of your school’s core purpose, strengths, and values and its current and intended position in the market.  Informed through assessment and research methodologies appropriate to your school’s needs, we translate institutional goals and audience needs and insights into actionable brand strategies for competitive advantage. 



Translating your core values, commitments, competencies and aspirations into a transformative brand of depth, power, and value is the heart and soul of our work.  Through the harmonious blend of keen strategy and bold creative, we help you to create (or unearth) an illuminating brand, at once both beacon and torch, attracting and galvanizing students, donors, employees, friends and others to be part of your school’s future path of growth, innovation, and evolution.


Our Work

SHU Client Overview Photo

Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University is one of our longest-running partnerships. Keating has been actively involved in all areas of brand and marketing strategy throughout their transformation from a small, regional institution into comprehensive university with a national reputation and reach.

Notre Dame Students at work

Notre Dame High School

Our work with Notre Dame began with brand audit and strategic planning initiatives and has evolved into communcations work and a longer-term strategic consulting partnership. 

Pfeiffer Viewbook Cover

Pfeiffer University

Pfeiffer University was searching for a better way to connect the communications for their three separate and unique campuses. Keating spearheaded strategic planning and branding efforts and revamped key communications to reflect a stronger, more connected institutional brand.