Who We Are

A Networked Team of Proven Professionals

With 30 years in the educational marketplace – marked by the industry’s top awards and some of its most distinctive success stories – Keating has earned its reputation as both a keen-minded academic consultancy and creative powerhouse. 


Founder Stephen Keating, our professional staff, and our extended network bring well-honed expertise and progressive insights to every program and challenge – be it a comprehensive institutional re-branding program or a fast turnaround marketing project. Our expansive and flexible team of strategic and creative experts allows us to effectively meet your school’s multi-faceted and evolving brand and marketing needs and achieve maximum results. We will partner with you to shape, deliver, and share your brand vision with innovative marketing strategies and communications solutions.  



Core Team


Steve Keating


Audy Coffin

Office & Finance Manager

Michelle Rogers

Vice President of Marketing Management

Brenda Salvi

Account Coordinator

Laura Costello

Media Strategist



Strategic & Creative Partners


Holly Robinson


Prescience Associates


Taylor Design

Graphic Design

John McKeith


Partners in Mission

Education Consulting

Ann Zipkin

Graphic Design

Pagano Media

Media Production

Len Rubenstein


Skelton Design

Graphic Design

Don Hamerman


Maura King Scully


Pantano Creative

Graphic Design

Paideia Inc.

Education Consulting

Aaron McClung

Web Design

Kindra Clineff


Tony Pucca




Our Values and Commitment

Every day we are reminded of the immense privilege and responsibility we have, as we help to shape and expand the great promise of education.

We love our work, knowing that with every brand story and experience we create, or strategic improvement we counsel, the lives of current and future students may be profoundly changed.


In this spirit, these values undergird and animate the character of our work and the culture of our organization.  They define what we expect of ourselves and of our clients, as we work together to energize the promise and performance of academic brands. 


Be Authentic, Act Boldly

A brand is as strong as the emotion it generates. Enduring brands are built on actions, not words – actions that emanate from our most deeply held beliefs, commitments, and aspirations.  Deliverwhat you promise.

Embrace Today, Anticipate Tomorrow

Create lasting brand value by meeting today’s challenges while always looking ahead at emerging needs and opportunities.

Exceed Expectations

Surprise and delight by always going the extra mile, never settling. It’s the foundation of exceptional, innovative, high-performing organizations – and magnetic brands.

Live and Work With Passion

We are catalysts, shaping and revitalizing schools and the lives of those they serve. Do it with love and conviction, and build a brand of enduring value.